540 Challenge Offers Options for Runners

540 challenge

With three virtual options, the 540 Challenge is designed for 31 days of virtual running throughout the month of May. Are you a climber, a 100 miler, or a runner with time to spare?

The event is being put on my Thumbs Up Runners and the challenges are free (unless you want to earn some swag for all that sweat).

Hereโ€™s how it works:

  • Pick a challenge and plan to have fun. Register and note which option you are choosing.
  • Join the group on Facebook and Strava to keep up with your times and other virtual runners.

Challenge Options

  • The Climber: Race is May 1 and requires runners to climb 540 feet of elevation each hour and will continue until no runners are left. (Best option is to record data in the Strava group.) The winner will get a pair of Thumbs Up Runners socks and BOCO Hat.
  • The 54 Mile or 108 Mile Race: You can start running any time before May 29 but must declare a start time and distance by May 15. The best times for the 54- and 108- mile distances get BOCO hats and socks.
  • The Thumbs Up Runner: Run/walk five straight days and tally your miles for bragging rights. You can start running any time before May 25 but must declare a start time and distance by May 15. The goal is to get as many miles as you can, but you must log miles for five consecutive days. If you reach 108 miles, you are eligible for a belt buckle.

All of the challenges will be tracked live using watch/Strava data and entered into a Google spreadsheet. There is no support for any of these races; you will complete them on your own.

How to Register

540 challengeEmail your registration information to thumbsuprunners@gmail.com. Include the following information: name, location (city and state), email, age, gender, and what option you plan to run. If you want swag, note shirt size ($20) or buckle if you plan to top 100 miles ($30).

There are various awards for the 540 Challenge. Everyone who runs is entered to win categories such as best bib design, best use of running props, photos, best course, top runners overall, and more.

Learn more about the event