5 Questions with Magical Mystery Bike Tours, LLC

We’re excited to feature this brand new Roanoke start-up, especially one focused on showcasing our outdoor amenities and lifting up the region. Founded by Sharon Bochman in January 2023, Magical Mystery Bike Tours, LLC is a bicycle touring business that specializes in creating a bicycle vacation that is both scenic and memorable. This year, they’re offering six tours during the warmer months. In future years, they hope to step it up depending on what areas their guests are interested in riding.

Where did the name Magical Mystery Bike Tours come from?

Its founder, Sharon, is a long-time ride leader. She possesses an uncanny ability to find some of the most unique, random things while pedaling her bike. After advertising a 35-mile bike ride in 2016, she took riders past a bunch of unadvertised historic sites while on the ride to the delight of her fellow riders. After they returned to their cars, one of the riders said, “I feel like I have been on a Magical Mystery Bike Tour.” The rest is history.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

It’s hard to pick a favorite when you live in Roanoke. After living in Hampton Roads and riding on flat ground for most of my life, I feel blessed to now call Roanoke my home. After moving to Roanoke in 2019, I realized I needed an e-bike if I was going to be able to see more of the area. Since then, I have enjoyed the challenge of riding the mountainous terrain throughout Roanoke, Botetourt and Bedford Counties. I’ve also fallen in love with all the scenic rail trails we have here in Southwestern Virginia. They provide a great place to safely ride your bike without the fear of being hit by a car or running into a tree.

Why did you decide to offer up “Bicycle Vacation Tours”?

As a retiree, I was not looking to start a business. However, my love for this area fueled my desire to share it with others. My goal is to bring visitors from all over the country to Virginia to promote eco-tourism and much-needed revenue for our communities. Our tours are either four- or six-day tours that are about more than just riding a bike. We will also take our guests to local restaurants, put them up in the best hotels, take them to local breweries and wineries, and give them downtime to walk around downtown Roanoke hoping they will either take in a local museum or shop around. Some will need to rent bikes locally, generating even more revenue. I want to see this area prosper, and I’m all in to make that happen.

Do you offer up tours outside of Southwestern Virginia?

Yes, we do! We have a tour called “Birthplace of a Nation” this September 21 -24 featuring Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Richmond. We will utilize the Jamestown Loop and the Virginia Capital Trail, a 53-mile, dedicated bike-only trail that connects Williamsburg to Richmond. Riders will be delighted as they ride through a very pastoral and historic setting, passing former tobacco plantations lined up on the river. Once in Richmond, I will take them down Canal Street to Belle Island taking different pedestrian bridges to cross the James River. The boutique hotel we are planning to utilize is owned by the same company that brought us the Liberty Trust right here in Roanoke.

We have another tour that is really exciting called “Bay to Ocean” tour on October 22 -28 on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. This tour will feature Cape Charles, Historic Onancock, Tangier Island and Chincoteague Island. Riding on the Eastern Shore is like taking a step back in time. The roads are very safe, and the locals are laid back. We will feast on delicious, fresh seafood, ride through coastal villages, and the last night of the tour will include a sunset cruise around the Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge.

Where can folks learn more about and maybe even register for a Magical Mystery Bike Tour?!

Our website is www.magicalmysterybiketours.com or you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram. If you search for us on instagram, there are more than one so look for magical mystery bike tours llc and you will be on the right page. Please “like” and “share” with your friends!