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Multi-sport adventuring in the Roanoke Region is a heck of lot easier when you’re doing it friends. Bring your adventure pals or make news ones when you join one of these adventure racing support groups.

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Adventure Racing

  • FCA Endurance SWVA Expand Collapse

    FCA Endurance SW Virginia is a group of Christian athletes who that train and compete in endurance events such as triathlons, running events, and cycling events.

  • Odyssey Adventure Racing Expand Collapse

    Odyssey Adventure Racing produces some of the toughest and best organized adventure races in the country, with a wide range of competitions from 4-hour Sprint events to six day expedition style races. They also have an Adventure Racing Academy, Skills Clinics and Leadership Training for those who are new to the sport and those who want to further develop their skills.

  • TriAdventure Multisport Coaching & Fitness Expand Collapse

    TriAdventure Multisport Coaching & Fitness is a coaching organization committed to introducing beginners to the great sport of triathlon, and improving the fitness and performance of the endurance athlete. Triathlon and endurance training programs allow TriAdventure to offer a variety of fitness and endurance options, including strength and conditioning, swim, bike, run, and nutrition counseling for better health and peak performance.

    TriAdventure supports a number of regional endurance events such as the Hell Climb 10K, TriAdventure Summer Sprint Tri, and Monster of a Metric Cycling Challenge.

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