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Looking for a group of astronomy enthusiasts that actually spend time observing the night sky? Well, look no further. These groups are designed for anyone with an interest in learning about the skies above the Roanoke Region and beyond and will help you learn to identify everything from stars to constellations to planets.

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  • Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society Expand Collapse

    The Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society is an organization of amateur astronomers dedicated to the pursuit of astronomical observational and photographic activities. Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. Meetings are open to the public. Observing sessions are held one or two weekends a month at a dark-sky site. No telescope is needed to participate.

  • Star City Astronomy Network Expand Collapse

    The Star City Astronomy Network is a group of astronomy enthusiasts that spend time observing the night sky. There are no “armchair astronomers.” A requirement of being in this group is being active in observational astronomy and astronomy outreach.

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