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With the help of a certified rock climbing instructor, you be maneuvering the mountains in no time. The Roanoke Region is home to some great bouldering at spots such as McAfee Knob and Bozoo, and rock climbing at a variety of locations. And you can get an introduction to the rocks at one of the many climbing gyms scattered throughout the region.

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  • Granite Arches Expand Collapse

    Granite Arches is a climbing guide service serving the Roanoke Region. Adventures include rock climbing, ice climbing, and wilderness medicine. Book online or by phone.

  • The River Rock Expand Collapse

    The area’s premier climbing gym, The River Rock, is an indoor rock climbing gym located on the first floor of the River House next to the Roanoke River Greenway and Wasena Park. The River Rock features 8,500 square feet of roped climbing and bouldering, with over 90 lead and top-rope routes and 160 boulder problems.

  • Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing Expand Collapse

    Located 40 minutes from downtown Roanoke in scenic Craig County, Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing is a full-service outdoor adventure center, campground, cabin rentals, summer adventure camp, and retreat center. Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing specializes in creating custom adventure programs for groups ranging from two to 100 people.

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