5 Questions with Treetop Quest

Young black boy smiling at camera while going through aerial adventure courseMost people from around these parts have heard of Explore Park. With its miles of hiking and biking trails, disc golf course, camping, and paddling opportunities, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream! A lesser-known (but super awesome) activity at Explore Park is Treetop Quest. This aerial obstacle course is the perfect mix of fun and challenging, and it’s made for folks of all ages. We sat down with Ben Crowley of Roanoke County Parks, Recreation and Tourism to get the beta on this unique and crazy-fun outdoor amenity!

1). How would you describe the “Treetop Quest” experience to someone who has never been there before? Treetop Quest is basically a playground suspended amongst the trees. It’s an aerial adventure course, which means participants are navigating obstacles (walkways, zip lines, tightwires, etc.) suspended between trees, 10-20 feet above the ground. Participants navigate these obstacles while wearing harnesses that are connected to a series of safety cables – you are connected to safety cables the entire time you are on the course. And the entire Treetop Quest experience is designed to increase in difficulty, so you start off at a very easy level and slowly progress…and you can stop at any time. The courses feature a mix of walking, climbing, and zipline elements, making for a fun challenge the whole family can enjoy.

aerial adventure course photo swing

2). What’s new with Treetop Quest in 2023? We still offer our original four courses (that progress in level of difficulty) for ages seven and up, but we have recently added an extension course called 2A, where participants can choose their own adventure, as well as two chickpea courses (for ages four to six). And, something people don’t want to miss is our Night Zips where participants will navigate the adventure in the dark with nothing but a headlamp to help guide them. Night Zips are offered throughout the year (on set dates) concluding with our last one on Halloween weekend! The next Night Zip experience is coming up on Saturday, July 15!

3). Is it physically demanding? Let’s say it is challenging. Everyone has different thresholds of physical ability, but the courses will always present some form of challenge for all adventurers.aerial adventure course photo bridges

4). What else can you do at Explore Park afterward? Explore Park has so much to offer in addition to Treetop Quest. Enjoy some food and drinks at Twin Creeks Brewpub, and then maybe take a nice hike along the Roanoke River on one of our many hiking trails. The T-Rex trail is roaring again at Explore Park with a half-mile trail that features 19 animatronic dinosaurs that are sure to ignite the imagination as you travel back in time! Finally, you can relax and rest for the night in a cabin or yurt at Don’s Cab-inns or pitch a tent in one of our primitive campsites along the river at Blue Ridge Campground. We have also introduced our Tavern Stage Summer Music Series every second Friday of the month through August. Did I mention it’s free?!

5). Are reservations required? If so, how do you make a reservation? Pre-registration for Treetop Quest and the T-Rex Trail is not required, but is preferred. This guarantees individuals and families a spot for the day and a discount on admission for advanced registration! If space allows, we always welcome our walk-ups. Visit www.explorepark.org for more details about the amazing Treetop Quest aerial adventure course!