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UPDATE: This project was funded in Fall 2018. You can read about the low-profile dock here.

You can still donate to this project to help enhancing the dock area at Carvins Cove and providing continued opportunities for paddle sports in the Roanoke Region.

Help Expand Paddle Sports Opportunities at Carvins Cove

low-profile dock carvins cove roanoke

With the growing popularity of paddle sports and a perfect place to get on the water right in our backyard, Roanoke Outside is launching a crowdfunding campaign to help get a low-profile dock installed at Carvins Cove Natural Reserve. And we’re asking for your help.

Carvins Cove is an ideal body of water for rowing, but you rarely see a rower or sculler on the water. A low profile dock will make it easier and safer for these crafts (and kayaks, canoes and SUPs) to get on the water without the fear of taking a spill into the water, providing greater accessibility to even more outdoor users.


And it all started with an idea from a rower that lives here in Roanoke.

A little over a year ago Jim and Lauren Pickens moved their company, Revolution Rowing, to Roanoke to take advantage of low business costs, but more importantly because of the outdoors.

Jim is an avid rower and came to Roanoke Outside with the idea of getting a low profile dock installed at Carvins Cove, which makes it easier for people to get into kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards, and rowing shells.

It only took one meeting with the Western Virginia Water Authority to get their support and permission to install the dock. Now, with your help we’re going to raise $23,000 to install a 10’ x 60’ low-profile dock at Carvins Cove. If you can pitch in – even $20 helps – we’d love to get this project funded before winter 2018.

Once complete, the dock will provide another open access point to the water for anyone to use.

The addition of this dock will allow paddle sports enthusiasts to safely enjoy Carvins Cove year-round, alleviate congestion at the existing boat ramp, and provide Roanoke’s first access to the sport of rowing. Over the years we’ve had people ask us why there isn’t a rowing club and this is the first step to making that happen as well.

You can help make the dock a reality by contributing to a tax-deductible fund in partnership with Roanoke Outside. To make sure your donation goes specifically to these efforts, please respond to the question “Is your donation for a specific project?” with “Carvins Cove Dock.”


low-profile dock carvins cove roanoke

The dock will include a section that makes it easy to get in/out of kayaks, SUPS, and canoes.

low-profile dock roanoke carvins cove

low-profile dock roanoke carvins cove

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