Gear Review: Polar Shorts – Warm Shorts for Cool Weather

SMH. That’s how my first impression started off when we were asked to review a pair of polar fleece shorts from new local start up brand, Polar Shorts. I thought “fleece shorts…that makes no sense.” I’m still shaking my head but now it’s at me for being a skeptic in the first place, because now I’m a believer.


These super soft shorts, made of thick microfleece, are the first-ever shorts made for cool weather.

We all know that time of year when temperatures start getting cooler and you start thinking you ought to put on a pair of pants, yet aren’t ready to say goodbye to “shorts weather.” Or vice versa; it’s been a long winter, you’re ready for spring and all you want to do is put on a pair of shorts, but it just isn’t quite warm enough. Polar Shorts is the answer.

If you’re anything like I was, you probably still don’t “get it,” and neither did I, or my teenage son for that matter. But we gave them a chance. We spent the past two months putting them through the ringer – mountain biking, wood splitting, office work, post-soccer chillaxin, pub rides, and even a spill in the river. Polar Shorts are now our go-to shorts.


These shorts are one of those products that you just can’t fully appreciate or understand until you try them out for yourself. At $70 it’s a gamble but one we feel you’ll be glad you took. The construction is solid – no cotton, tough zipper and belt, and excellent mobility. So far there isn’t anything we see that we’d improve and only time will tell how well the fleece holds up.


Owner Dan Steinberg compares the concept of his shorts to that of a vest which is basically a jacket without sleeves and I couldn’t agree more. Being comfortable outside is all about choosing the right gear and the right layers. Polar Shorts should be part of your outdoor gear toolbox.

My only regret is giving the leopard print pair to my son. Don’t make my mistake – get the leopard print pair.

Get them. Try them. You’ll love them.

Post pics of yourself wearing your Polar Shorts to the Polar Shorts Facebook page.

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received a pair of shorts for free from Polar Shorts in consideration for a gear review.

Pete-EshelmanGear Reviewer:  Pete Eshelman
Once an outdoor instructor (and professional ski and kayak bum) he is now the director of the Roanoke Outside Foundation which aims to connect people outdoors. A few events he’s founded include the GO Outside Festival, America’s Toughest Road Marathon, and GO Cross. His most recent initiative, the Outdoor Explorers Mentor Program, is a collaboration project with Big Brothers Big Sisters which pairs adult mentors with underserved youth.