Hike the Entire A.T. During COVID-19 … Virtually  

virtual appalachian trail app

If you’ve ever thought about hiking the entire Appalachian Trail but never had the time, chances are you do now. But unfortunately, the entire Appalachian Trail is closed because of COVID-19. 

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy wants to continue providing inspiration for hikers, so here is your chance to use your time at home to thru-hike the A.T. virtually.

at appDownload the “Walk the Distance” app (currently only for iPhone users) which allows you to track your steps (as you hike around your neighborhood or even backyard) and it shows how far you would have walked on the physical A.T. You can even see others who are virtually hiking the same section. (We bet you’ll recognize the iconic photo for Part 7 of the virtual hike.) 

Hopefully, you can get back on the real A.T. long before you virtually hike 2,181 miles. 


Another Virtual A.T. Option

You can also “travel” the entire length of the A.T. in one sitting from your computer with Backpacker Magazine’s Appalachian Trail in 3D.

Follow the contours of the A.T.’s landscape on a topographic map or trace its route on paper with a pencil, all while you acquaint yourself with the trail’s history and ecology.