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Running is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and that’s also true in the Roanoke Region. From road running to trail runs to leisurely strolls along the greenway, there’s probably a place or group where you will find someone moving at your pace.

Our area is home to the Blue Ridge Marathon, America’s Toughest Road Marathon, you can find a 5K or trail race on the calendar almost any weekend of the year, and area pub runs are growing by leaps and bounds. Here’s a guide to some of the running options in the Roanoke Region.

Road Running

Whether you want to run on the road, paved trails, or sidewalks, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for traffic. Runners should run against traffic and be sure to wear high-visibility gear.

Popular running locations include the greenway system, which includes more than 30 miles of paved paths and the tracks at area high schools. The greenways are open to foot and bike traffic, and a few sections and intersections are also open to automobiles. You’re also likely to find smaller running groups and pairs in almost any neighborhood in the area.

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Trail Running

The same elements that make for great mountain biking and hiking, make for great running trails as well. And we have plenty of them throughout the region. Some of the popular trail runs include several routes at Mill Mountain Park, the Patrick Henry High School cross country course, and more strenuous runs along the Appalachian Trail. You can find great descriptions of various trail runs, including mileage from Mountain Junkies. You can also find a few popular segments on Strava.

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