Mayflower Hills Disc Golf Course Among Best in the World

Mayflower Hills best Disc Golf Course

Need one more reason to get outside? One of the world’s best disc golf courses is right in your backyard.

The Mayflower Hills Disc Golf Course at Explore Park was recently named one of 50 best courses in the world by UDisc.

The ranking is based on user-generated reviews. Here’s how UDisc describes it: “The rankings in the list are based on the over 1 million ratings of courses all over the planet by disc golfers using UDisc. However, we did some work to account for how regions and cultures tend to rate courses differently, helping to assure the courses that made and missed this list did not do so as a result of regional hype or hypercriticism. That said, the courses on this list earned their spots purely from their stats and not due to the opinions of UDisc’s staff. The course grades are relative to how close each course was to a perfect five-star rating.”

Mayflower Hills was designed by the Roanoke Disc Golf Club.

Mayflower Hills best Disc Golf CourseWhat makes this course unique is the design with a secluded, dedicated disc golf space, large, mature woods, unique elevation features, water, and multiple tees/baskets. Each tee box has excellent signage and the trails along the course were all constructed by Roanoke Region volunteers. Plus, it is convenient, challenging, and beautiful.

“Mayflower Hills Disc Golf Course in Explore Park is big, beautiful, and fun! Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains create the perfect stage for disc golf and this course hits all the marks,” said Jim Hosch of the Roanoke Disc Golf Club. “Mayflower Hills is a dedicated disc golf space and therefore can fully utilize the natural features of the landscape including mature wooded areas, unique elevation changes, and stunning views. This championship-level course boasts two sets of baskets and three tee areas for each hole, allowing for 108 unique configurations to challenge players of all skill levels. The park is well maintained by Roanoke County Parks and Recreation and is located less than 15 minutes from downtown Roanoke.”

Learn more about Mayflower Hills here.