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Roanoke Outside partners with local nonprofits and Parks and Recreation to provide children in under-served communities access to Roanoke’s outdoor community through activities and mentorship. Through organized outdoor outings Outdoor Explorers seek to inspire future generations of outdoor users.

Outdoor Explorer Programs

Outdoor Adventure Club provides 12 months of outdoor activities for under-served youth ages 11-13. With one-on-one mentoring we are able to eliminate the barriers to the outdoors for youth regardless of a family’s financial situation, fostering engagement with nature, stewardship, and community. This program is a partnership with Roanoke Parks and Recreation.

Humble Hikes Program provides the opportunity for youth to learn more about the world around them in a healthy and positive way. Hikes are designed to provide mental and physical challenges for young hikers with mentors that will guide them through these adversities to positive outcomes.

Boys & Girls Club Biking Program is a partnership with Roanoke Star Cycling that makes it possible for their club members to learn about and participate in mountain biking. Weekly practices led by experienced adult coaches take place at the Roanoke’s new Morningside Bike Park, which adjoins the Boys & Girls Club.

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